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About Us

Make NEO Solar your Plan ‘A’

Coz there is no PLANet ‘B”

Yes, We have only one planet Earth, As occupants we have this huge responsibility to preserve it and conserve it so that our next generations can live happier and healthier. Remember when it comes to life there is no plan B. There is only Planet earth.

Similarly there is only one Sun….. with unlimited potential to offer endless quality survival and living to mankind. Just consider these humongous numbers about sun. He is born 4.6 billion years ago. 146.9 million kilo meters away from where you are reading this. His spread is about 43 lac 70 thousand kilometers in diameter. He is the hotter than the hottest with a temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius. He is much bigger than earth. 3 lac 33 thousand times to be precise.

For all living things of earth there cant be a better news. Sun is our past, Sun is our present and Sun is surely our only future.

We at NEO Solar have identified the urgent need to preserve the mother nature and the unlimited possibilities Solar energy offers.

The word NEO means new, more precisely “Always new”. Just like the Sun and its energy. Every morning the Sun is new the energy he give is new, the opportunities are new.

NEO Solar is proud to be in this mission to bring best of both worlds to customers. The pride of contributing to the environment by opting for solar energy and also by creating wealth by saving huge amounts on cost of power.

NEO Solar specilises in offering wide range of Solar Solutions and Products, such as:

Roof Top Solar projects
Roof Top Solar projects
Captive Solar Projects
Captive Solar Projects
Solar Water heaters
Solar Water heaters
Solar Inverters
Solar Inverters

Key segments

The key segments where NEO Solar is making impactful deference are:
Residential buildings

Individual Residential buildings for roof top Solar Power plants

Manufacturing plants

Manufacturing plants

Commercial places

Commercial places like….. malls, large format retail stores, Ware houses

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Hospitality organizations

Health care and Hospitality organizations



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